Ultra PRO - Satin Tower Deck Box - Ivory Crackle

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Ultra PRO - Satin Tower Deck Box - Ivory Crackle

Ultra PRO's Satin Towers are premium deck boxes made with durable hard shell materials for enhanced strength and a smooth feel. Each Satin Tower was designed to hold up to 100+ Standard sized trading cards in Ultra PRO Deck Protectors Sleeves and include a spacious accessory compartment in the bottom to hold items such as life counters, dice and other gaming essentials.

  • Unique desert crackle look and finish
  • Holds up to 100+ standard size cards
  • Highly durable Deck Box to store and protect trading card game cards
  • Bottom compartment holds dice, tokens and other small accessories
  • Great for organising your collection at home or to take to your next gaming event